About us

Promise Petroleum is a company dealing in reselling of petroleum oil products to other third parties.The oil products are mainly fuel-based which includes diesel and petrol based products.These products are sourced from Multinational Petroleum-based companies.

The company operates within the region of East Africa in countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda
and currently is working on an expansion plan to other countries of Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan.

The headquarters of Promise Petroleum are in Nairobi Kenya where all
administrative functions of the company are based.

We will be glad to provide further information to our potential/exciting clients
and other interest groups on our company and its products.

Our services

Local Distribution

We provide logistical services in distribution of petroleum oil products on behalf of Petroleum-based Multinationals which do not have the capacity to supply to all retailers

Leasing Of Trucks

Promise Petroleum also hires its trucks to other Oil Marketers and Corporate organizations. The total capacity of our trucks is 60,000 liters per day.

Export Services

Promise Petroleum also provides logistical work for regional-based organizations in countries of Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda. This logistical works include sourcing and transport of products.

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Take some time and meet our Employees?

Take some time and meet our Employees?




Since i engaged Promise to deliver our fuel at the remote offices, they have been very reliable. I really appreciate especially Martin's commitment to make sure that we are happy and that we have been served correctly. I recommend them highly!


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you guarantee quality?

Yes. The era of adulteration of fuel is slowly coming to pass and Promise has had a reputation of transporting clean products from the word go.

How do you handle delays?

Products on transit can experience challenges since there are situations that are beyond our control. However we have invested in new and reliable trucks and also skilled personnel that minimize any delay that could be caused by either vehicular trouble or human error

Do you handle Regional Transport?

As our clientele has grown, we have been privileged to do cross boarder deliveries in the East African region

Do you give credit?

We prefer timely payments since its a capital intensive business. However we can discuss a credit line with our clients. Each case being handled individually.